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Methods to Winning to Coach 3 Junior Racers as Part of Their Contribution to Coaching Development

(November 16, 2016) Los Angeles, Ca. Methods to Winning (M2W) is proud to announce their “Giveback” contribution to Cycling Development by sponsoring 3 selected Junior bike racers for free coaching. Internationally renowned cyclist Rahsaan Bahati (Co-Founder) says “this is what it’s all about. We get to have a positive impact on the sport from a grass roots level and give these young racers the guidance they need to be successful on the bike”.

M2W’s first inaugural athlete is Esdras Roldan from Los Angeles; Ca. Esdras is 16 years old born on June 3. At the age of 11 years old, before his cycling career began, he was a competitive swimmer; persistence and dedication to his training is what kept him on top beating the best of competitors in his age that had many more years of experience and training compared to Esdras.

Last season (2016) went awesome for Esdras making the podium 5 times. When asked about his future goals, he says “contesting the best riders in his age group when it comes down to the last 150 meters are his main goals. Esdras says his favorite quote is by Eric Thomas, “Pain is temporary, it may last for a minute or an hour or a day or even a year but it will suffice. If I quit however that will last forever.”

“I’m is beyond excited to be under the wing of such amazing people and hope to gain as much knowledge as I can from them”.

About Methods to Winning "Our mission is to elevate the race intellect of every athlete we work with. Older or younger we promise to teach the fundamentals of sprinting, positioning, contact, and reading a race. Through our clinics and seminars we aim to focus your mindset and challenge you to win races with not only fitness, but with your intelligence. "The strongest rider doesn't always win, but there's always a winner". - Principle, Justin Williams


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