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About Us

The mission of Methods to Winning is to elevate the bicycle race intellect of every athlete we work with. Older or younger, we promise to teach the fundamentals of sprinting, positioning, contact, and reading a race. Through our clinics and seminars we aim to focus your mindset and challenge you to win races with not only fitness, but with your intelligence.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Methods To Winning LLC (M2W) brings together three champion cyclists, beginning with former US Pro Criterium & 10X National Champion Rahsaan Bahati; 6X California State 35+ Master Champion Charon Smith; 2018 US Road and (2018, 19) US criterium and 11X National Champion Justin Williams, with business partner Kenneth Vinson. With others they make up an elite domestic race team and community engagement company.

The Methods To Winning race team is built around pros, young adults, and juniors from diverse backgrounds. The principals and mentors on our team range from professional athletes, to regular working professionals, World, National and State Champions. Our goal is to provide opportunities and exposure to the elite levels of the sport with riders from the communities we represent. It is through our M2W platform that we engage the cycling community in social activities on and off the bike.

"The strongest rider doesn't always win, but there's always a winner."
Justin Williams 

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