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Rahsaan Bahati
10 x National Champion
With 100+ Elite & Professional  Wins

Charon Smith 
5x California State Champion

​Rahsaan is a world-class cyclist and champion for the children. Rahsaan was raised in Compton, California, and a seven-time US championship professional cyclist who currently rides and manages his own cycling team, Bahati Foundation Elite Cycling Team. He has previously raced for; SKLZ-Pista Palace, Rock Racing Pro Cycling, TIAA Cref Pro Cycling, McGuire Real Estate Pro Cycling,Saturn Pro Cycling and Mercury Pro Cycling.

Rahsaan has also represented the United States at 3 world championships.
Rahsaan specializes in criterium racing and track cycling. In 2000 Rahsaan won the amateur USCF National Criterium Championships and in 2008 he won the elite USPRO National Criterium Championships. 2010 was a break out year for Rahsaan as he added the 10th Annual CSC Invitational to his many professional level wins that year.

​Rahsaan is the reigning three-time champion of the renowned Manhattan Beach Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix.
In 2011 Rahsaan received a special dedication by being honored at the 29th El Tour deTucson presented by CenturyLink and the University of Arizona Medical Center as its awardee.
I am lover of people. My passion is to inspire, help, and motivate as much as I can along the road to success. I am a passionate athlete that enjoys being outdoors on my bike rather it be training, racing or just out for a leisure ride. I am a strong believer in being fit and taking care of my body, and while doing so my goal is to help others achieve their goals in cycling or life whenever it is possible. I firmly believe in helping and giving back. We all have been given unique talents and gifts to share with the world. My biggest singular goal is to give hope to everyone I come in touch with.

Reigning 2017 and 4x straight California State Criterium Champion 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, 2x Silver Medalist at Master National Criterium Championships in 2012, and 2014, So Cal cup overall winner for my age class in 2012, 2x Overall BAR series winner for my age class in 2011, and 2012. 3x winner in my age class for at the historic one day race Manhattan Beach Grand Prix in 2012, 2014, and 2016. 2x winner of the largest one day bike race in SoCal for my age class at The Dana Point Grand Prix 2013, and 2014. 2x Green jersey winner for being the top sprinter at San Dimas Stage Race in 2014, and 2015,  2016 Winner of the largest one day Criterium in NorCal San Rafael Sunset Crit.

Justin Williams
​8x National Champion 
19 Professional Wins in 2016

​Everyone has a story. What separates us are the unique paths we choose to take on our journey. I’ve had the opportunity to experience every level of cycling, and I want to share the knowledge I’ve obtained to help those around me. I am a 8 time national champion (road and track), and have closed the deal in hundreds of races throughout my career, racking up over 16 wins in 2016 alone. One of my passions is giving back, and I do so by mentoring a grassroots program that I started, called the CNCPT Team. My mission is to help all people competing in cycling to understand that there is nothing like the overwhelming feeling of happiness you get after hitting a personal goal. I want to teach everyone that the sacrifices you make will be worth the satisfaction of accomplishing your goals!